Imagine having to take your last breath with the next one,
how do you feel right now?

Did you leave anything on the table (incomplete experiences, unshared memories, unfulfilled dreams)?
Are your ungiven gifts about to die with you along with the loss of the possibilities you never touched?

If so, you could be experiencing the struggles and facing the realities that
many of your fellow brothers are currently going through:

Welcome to Your Hero’s Journey,

it’s the journey of the greatest man program for you.

About the program

There’s no better feeling than moving through life with the conviction of your purpose, the influence of your power, and the solidarity of your presence. You step into the God that you are. Your aura becomes a magical force of alignment creating effortlessly with every step you make
and every breath you take. This program is about developing your Presence, Energy, Aura.

Your Hero’s Journey is about becoming the movie star of your own life. Strongly centering yourself and stepping into the leading role of your life.

You become the difference because your greatest man is the game-changer for the world.

Living at your potential is living out your possibilities.

Do you want to know what it’s like to own your life, your will,
your attention, your focus? What happens as a byproduct is you:

Look to yourself. Compare yourself to the man you see in the mirror. You are your own master.
Own that. Live for yourself. Which reveals the mark of any truly great man…


Are you looking for a role model? STOP.

The first role model in your life should be the one you see in the mirror every time you look in one. If you start looking to yourself first, do you know what that does for you? What it implies and how it reflects on the man that you show up as. It implies that you:

To be your own role model, you have to be a moving piece yourself. The man in the mirror must be evolving himself because he’s aware of the man he saw yesterday and each day he improves to be his own role model. It’s real growth, and the cutting-edge exercises in the workshop are designed for that.

You can wake up everyday and see in the mirror, the most inspiring man…your greatest self.
And live that every day along with the adventure it brings your life. Because once you start walking this path,
you start tapping into the well of energy that never ceases to end & keeps feeding you (and your purpose) life.

Discover Purpose

“It’s famously said that Michelangelo didn’t carve David, but David was in the marble.
He just had to chip away to reveal him. Your focus should be on chipping away what’s not really you.”

Completely strip away the inessential until what you’re left fully embodying is…is your best self.
Uncovering who you really are. Uncovering your potential, the possibilities within you.

*NOTE: If you’re unsure about your purpose or are still trying to get clarity on what it really is,
you haven’t let go of enough to discover it. Once you chip away at your edges enough to get
to the essence of who you are, the purpose will be evident.

Why this program exists

#1 Fulfill your potential   #2 Own your power   #3 Play with your possibilities

What is The Hero’s Journey?
This is a live, full-experiential, 2-day workshop limited to you and 19 other guys.
A real initiation to stepping into your greatness, experiencing your power and owning your self-expression.

You will face your challenges live in the workshop and move to conquer the obstacles that come up
and in your way. Instant transformation happening in real time.

We’re not sitting back and listening to lectures. This is an experience. The workshop will be work,
there will be adventure & exercises that challenge you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…
the very fabric of who you think you are.

The Pillars of the Program:


The result is clarity. Clarity of who the greatest man is inside, coming out to play.

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