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The God Complex Of The Thought Leader

I’m noticing something. As I travel all over the world, attending different events, going to different places, connecting with people from various industries and cultures, inevitably I run into a very unique type of thought leader. I would venture out and say atleast half of ALL thought leaders are in this space when I meet them.

They let the very gift that they’ve been endowed with, un-ground them. This god-complex emerges when they are speaking, and they come from this high and mighty place above everyone else. Interesting. Our gifts are unique, very special to us. When we connect to our gifts, amazing things happen and get created in the process of sharing these beautiful gifts. But since when does it mean that we are above anyone else or better than them? Truth is, you may be better than them at the unique gift that you’ve been appropriately blessed with, or destined to develop with, but that’s why it is your gift to give in the first place.

Our gifts are not here to establish a hierarchy, nor a caste system of inequality. It’s simply here to realize our interconnectedness with each other, and how much we are all truly in this together. The beauty of our gifts is that it can give us the significance, the feeling of specialness, while remaining a part of something greater. Humanity.

This god-complex that I’m seeing some of you thought leaders embody is bullshit. You are ungrounded. While you are every bit as great as you are and as great as your gifts can make you, do not taint the truth of your gift and it’s role in humanity at large by putting yourself on a pedestal above others. Because without others to receive your gift, you are nothing.

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