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Stop Playing The Universe

Ask for what you really want. Stop beating around the bush when it comes to asking the Universe for what desire you truly hold in your heart. So many people are out there in the spiritual arena spitting all kinds of advice and information out because of it. It’s really not on them whether you get what you want or not in life.

The problem is if you won’t stop beating around the bush for what you know you really want then why should you get it? Why should the Universe grant it in the first place to you?

In life, we absolutely get what we want, just not exactly when we want it sometimes. One of the main culprits for this is our own weakness of intention. If you can’t be absolutely and utterly direct for the actual desire you hold in your heart, you absolutely and utterly can’t align with the matching signal for that desire. It’s too unclear and hazy for the Universe to receive your request. Own it by making it crystal clear the essence of what your want is, nothing extra.

For example, you may ask for money, but your real request is a ticket to the show. Why ask for money? Why not ask for the ticket to the show straight up? You know how limiting this is for the Universe? And sure as hell, the Universe won’t compromise its position to accommodate yours, it’s operating on too big a stage to do that. Truth is, you are limiting yourself more than anything. If you trust the Universe enough to ask it for your desire, then leave NO doubt about it to the Universe that it can and will fulfill your heart’s purest intentions. Stop playing the Universe. Be strong and complete when you ask.

Also, don’t ask for conditions. That’s your job to create the conditions for what you want. Intention is always clear and direct, put your desire out there as an intention in its succinctness. Clear and direct. Zero ambiguity. Pure alignment.

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