About self-alignment on all-levels:

We’ve been taught to separate things into “boxes”, give them labels, pigeon-hole them into definable bits and chunks of information. But what if that’s not the truth, not how life actually is? In the same way, we have been taught to segment and compartmentalize ourselves into bits and pieces too. Instead of being a unified whole, we are operating as fragmented beings. If we continue to look at things as separate, then we will also remain separate in our thoughts, actions, ideas, desires and so forth. Who we are and where we are coming from permeates and oozes through every aspect and every moment of our life and in how we live it. But to come from a whole and soul space–you are one fluid, seamless and complete being. Every expression that comes out of you, comes from this whole and soul space. In this way, it’s totally true, totally authentic, totally real. For this to happen, realize that there really isn’t a separation between the physical and mental, emotional and spiritual “levels”. They all operate as one. They’re connected and always impacting through each other. We’ve created these labels to help us identify things in this infinitely complex and organized Universe, but to realize ourselves, we must go beyond them and move into the awareness of our whole self… to grow into a more expansive realization of our completion, where we operate from a higher state of Consciousness.

About Dilan Prema

Modern Day Mystic. Seeing through the layers and drawing out your highest self-aligning, self-healing force—your intuition. People say that he's "cosmic cosmopolitan", but he likes to say that he's just a soul with a suit. {HEARTSPACE} over headspace, always..

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