The Manifesto #simplyput

Our Manifesto is simple here, “Embody to Emanate”, which means you first choose what you will be with decision then allow it to powerfully radiate outwards and impact the environment and people around you. All it is, is a choice. One that simply requires you to own it through embodiment.

Live love by swimming in the energy of it yourself first.

Live inspiration by owning and using all of your abilities to create first.

Live clearly by doing what moves your body, mind and soul all at once first.

Embody _____ to Emanate _____.

The ______ is your choice and your choice alone. Own it and you’re already living it.

Download your copy of the manifesto here by right clicking the picture below and selecting “save image as…”
by Dilan Prema

About Dilan Prema

Modern Day Mystic. Seeing through the layers and drawing out your highest self-aligning, self-healing force—your intuition. People say that he's "cosmic cosmopolitan", but he likes to say that he's just a soul with a suit. {HEARTSPACE} over headspace, always..

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