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Progress Isn’t Progress Without Integration

All the technological advances in the world mean nothing if people feel a spiritual void inside them. Context matters. No integration, no progress.

Have you heard, how you do anything is how you do everything?

Progress isn’t progress without Integration. This is why going slow/growing slow in life is so effective. It naturally allows for everything to build up with you. You grow simultaneous to your roots, and collectively, it creates the environment around you as well (in full consideration of it). This is sustainable because it’s holistic. Anything holistic is without any holes or weaknesses that can implode it’s system.

You can also only be in alignment if you’re moving with presence. Going slow accomplishes that. Your present awareness keeps you fully informed at every step, on exactly what you need to know or be aware of. Present awareness is foolproof human technology for responding appropriately to life. Especially in your journey for the technological advancement of humanity. Truly moving the needle of progress for mankind.

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