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Money Advice: Doing What You Love

For all you people worried about making money:
Especially about how you can survive venturing out on your own? How you will be able to create your art and express your soul, just doing what you love? You know that life, the life of utter genuine and total fulfillment with abundance.

If the question or primary concern for you is still money on this path, then the truth is you just haven’t gone deep enough with your inspiration. You haven’t given your love as fully as you can, so what then are you doing?

There’s no other realization to have than this. If you’re reading this and it doesn’t land for you, or you can’t accept this shift right this moment, I invite you to peel back the layers that show up as a result of this insight. No money, no abundance, nothing can shift for you until you do. And it starts with removing as much blockage as possible that is keeping you from giving your art, whatever that is, as fully and creatively as possible. Meaning–how is your gift not being allowed to be currently expressed in the way it wants to show up? Why isn’t the expression of your soul coming through in your art? How come people can’t feel your art? They will never if you do not first. Keep exploring yourself by considering–what’s still suppressing your gift? Remove that and you unlock the abundance creating power of your art. Without that, you get no money. And you’ll always be stuck.

Go DEEP with yourself, your art, your gift, your creative expression of it. The further you go into it, the more the results show up. But only after you have created the circumstances which allow it to in the first place.

Focusing the question on the money misplaces your energy to create and have the money in the first place on this path. Focusing the question on the money also ensures that you don’t ever have money.

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