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Information Impedes Intuition

In an increasingly noisy and plugged in world where we don’t go moments without pings of information, text messages, notifications, comments, likes, uploads, downloads, links, shares, tweets, distractions and disturbances, when exactly are we creating the space for data to come through from the inner net rather than the internet.

How can we receive input from the sources of higher consciousness, God, The Universe, if the endless stream of information flowing from our social media channels keep our awarenesses hostage?

How can we hear what our intuition is telling us and guiding us to do if we choose to stimulate our monkey minds over and over again with fleeting hits of data instead? Intuition works in space. The greater the space we infuse our life with, the clearer our mind’s channel is to receive the high frequency data coming from our higher self. Information then, can only serve as blocks to this great source of insight because it consumes up the space we need to access intuition in our lives.

Intuition is the language of the ever-expansive, infinite Universe.
Information is the resistance of the psyche that keeps us running in circles.

Intuition can bring flow and harmony.
Information can keep us stuck and blocked.

Intuition works through feelings and moves us creatively, energetically. It enlivens us.
Information works through logic and moves very rigidly, linearly. It’s flat and analytical. It consumes us.

Intuition is holistic because it has the ability to process and consider input on all levels, seen and unseen (physically and spiritually).
Information is biased because it only considers what is rationally proven or quantified (or still yet biased by overly heady theory, which is still not truth).

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