Feeling it out is the greatest form of intelligence you can have.

From an early age as a child, I would always talk about my “gut feeling” and how it never leads me wrong. What 8 year old talks like that? I did and it was a clue. It took me many years to realize that my “gut feeling” was none other than my intuition which developed with greater and greater ability as I became more aware of it.

Clarity: Seeing Through The Layers

The gift of my Intuition led me to get in touch with another gift–Discernment. I have the uncanny ability to see through the layers of what’s false and directly connect with the essence of a situation or a person. I can read people like a child’s book. Very simply. Nothing more, nothing less.

The eye for truth is the mark of any real mystic and this has been a very revealing clue as to my purpose here on the planet. It’s how I discovered that…

You Are Your Own Source.

Our body, our mind, our being has the exact answers for the questions that our life asks us. We have the natural ability to source our own solutions, roadmaps, guidebooks, feedback or other inputs we need. I work with my clients to facilitate that. And none of this would have been possible without me-

Getting Back To Zero. Living My Truth.

I live it. Living my truth is what allows me to do the things I do. Without fully stepping into it and embodying it wholly, no one can hold any vibration with any real sort of power. Integrity is key to integration. It becomes easy when you realize a fundamental truth…

Life Is Rigged. Everything Is Moving In Alignment.

And everything is happening as it should be happening. I hit a new point of integration in my life when I started tapping in to the flow Nature provides us. All we have to do is exercise our power of choice.


  • Psychotherapist
  • Master Strategic Interventionist
  • Trained Intimacy Coach
  • Advanced Evolutionary Relationship Studies
  • ...
  • ...

There’s a whole laundry list of certifications and credits I have to my name, and you know what, they mean nothing. I threw them out. Out of my practice and my client work. It’s pure essence that I deal in now—what is true & available—which is the only thing that holds any value so…If you’re the kind of person who likes to look at things from an external point of view, analyzing things mentally, over-thinking things, using your “headspace” too much then you’re probably not the kind of person I’m keen on connecting with.

For me, It’s about HEARTSPACE, feeling deeply into my truth, what resonates in my core and going with that. Keeping it real.