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Giving Too Much

Is there a such thing as giving too much?

It’s not possible. Giving too much is not possible. Some people fear that giving themselves of so much, in relationship for example, will hurt that much worse if it doesn’t work out. Others fear when it comes to friendships and the people they meet, so they are calculating with what they give and how much (to which I have to add: how do you think that feels on the other end? It doesn’t win over the hearts nor the loyalty of those friends and acquaintances when you foster it so insincerely. Yes, it is insincere if you’re being calculating at all.) 

The big insight though:
It’s not possible to give too much because life will always balance it out one way or another. You can give give and give to a cause, a relationship, a friendship but you never know how one day with one stroke, it may all come flooding back to you. You never know. But it will happen, if the giving was real, sincere, loving. However it comes back, it absolutely and irrefutably will. 

Again, I repeat with intention, the Universe may have it come back to you little by little, regularly send it back towards you, when you least expect it, or make it ALL up to you in one fell swoop. You can move more powerfully through life by understanding and accepting this. Liberate yourself and give freely knowing this because in the end it’s all worth it. The Universe makes sure of it. 

Just be ready to receive it when it does or else…

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