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Do You Deserve Your Purpose?

Are you feeling down or a lack of energy to carry out your work?

On one particular occasion I felt this way, it led to a discovery. I was really feeling down, and it happened even though the work I was doing was for my purpose, my calling. “This is supposed to be easy for me”, I thought. “It’s the stuff I live for.”

Then it hit me. After feeling totally lethargic for two days—completely off my game—I realized I was feeling down because I wasn’t honoring my purpose. You see purpose is about something much more than just “me”. It’s inclusive of a whole lot of people sometimes. Anyone living their purpose makes the world a better place, so this means we almost have to be deserving of our purpose itself to be able to even have the privilege to serve in it. Yes, that’s right. We are not fucking entitled to our purpose. With great power does indeed come great responsibility.

And the biggest myth about living purposefully is that just because we think we’re doing something great or noble, does not just automatically give us anything in regards to it. The next step after realizing your purpose is just as crucial…

What honors our purpose is deserving our purpose. Deserving our purpose is determined by effort, simply put. Our effort keeps us in integrity with the responsibility of our purpose. Great question to consider is–“is my effort honoring my purpose?If it is then right on; it will drive you. If not, you must adjust the effort being made or not made.

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