I help you meet yourself,

your real self.

It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you—this whole process.
if you’ve been living a lie, it will be tough, if you haven’t been living a lie, it will still be tough…

Working with me is a 3D process of collaboration taking place between you,
your Highest Self and the space we create together.
It will change your life, whether you’re ready for it or not.
Because if you’re not ready for it, it will plant the seed for that change triggering it exactly at the ripe moment.
When that time comes, the conscious awareness will kick in and wake the shit out of your core up.
It will awaken a whole new set of possibilities and parameters for you to operate from.


Are you ready?

-Is not even a question that I can ask you,
because if I still have to ask you that then you’re already behind.
We’re way beyond that. We’re way past that… we’re committed.

Committed Coaching

Everything is based on trust, faith and no-nonsense commitment, if you want to work with me…
it will take all of that, PERIOD. It’s a “do-what-it-takes” attitude and it cuts both ways.
This process here has already started, its just a matter of who shows up. Who’s showing up.. Are you showing up or your highest self? Not some bullshit facade, but your true self, have you been making bullshit choices?
Because the only choice here you have is to choose yourself.

There’s one thing I know, and that a few others, have personally discovered themselves, and that is—Energy is a very, very precious commodity. And energy in today’s world is nothing more than your own focus. Your focus, your attention is the greatest currency you have. And it is energy. It’s your energy. Where are you investing it? is the greatest question of your life. Is it wasting away in the 0’s & 1’s of the plugged in world? or is it going to work in the real world doing and creating something real, something lasting, your legacy?
And if you think you don’t have a legacy?

I have news for you… You were born with it, everyone came into this planet with a legacy [some choose to live it while others suffer the same fate as everyone else who doesn’t]. And that legacy is your heritage, your ancestors, and the emotional patterns of behavior that has been passed on from generation to generation.. and I don’t care who you are, you all have a legacy. You are already living a legacy, have you decided what its going to be? or are you going to toil your life away in something that doesn’t have any value, that doesn’t mean anything, and that is not going to change anything?

Your life is the canvas, the soul your art. We use your intuition as the brush strokes to make your art come to life.

Step into full-creator mode. Everything becomes creation.

Everything we do we believe in living from possibility and then creating it.
That’s the opportunity you have with me, together we start living your highest possibilities and…
When we begin playing with your possibilities, we get you back to your zero-point, the ultimate place of creation,
the convergence point of all beginnings & all endings. Where you’re free. No conditions. No limits. No rules.
And it happens by stripping and chipping away at the inessential to discover that what’s left is your truest essence.
Your nothingness is your wholeness. At your zero-point, everything is brought down to zero, nothing-ness.
You’re free from your baggage, your confusion, your masks, its wholly and solely you.
Is the idea of getting back to zero scary to you?
It should be as long as it just stays an idea in your head,
but doing the actual process to get there is feeling nothing but the fullness of your Heartspace and existence.
The limitless power that lives inside of us is this ability to make choices. To take actions. To create. The very energy that created us that brought us into this world, the sexual energy that created us is nothing more than creative energy. This life creation energy that we are born with is our “god-chip”… its our ability to create,
to create this beautiful world around us, to create ourselves into anything we choose to be.
And that right there is your power of choice.

The Creator is none other than what’s inside of you.
You are the Creator. We step into this together.


Your life has been nothing more than a series of choices. And today, you’re making yet another choice.
The opportunity is yours—are you choosing yourself or not?

Are you living your truth or not?

This process is not going to be about learning any new things. You’re not going to learn anything.
But I can promise you that you’ll be unlearning some things that’s for damn sure.
You’re going to be unlearning a lot of the B.S. that has been running your life, the programming,
the crap that you’ve been told that you’ve bought into that you’ve made the choice to buy into, sometimes unconsciously,
but you can tap into the stream of consciousness at the snap of your fingers anytime.
With unlearning, comes the stage where you’re controlling your inputs.
Controlling Your Inputs is one of the most fundamental things as an adult that you can come into awareness about.
It will change your life. Not controlling your inputs is giving up your life, giving up your power, your chi,
giving access to your subconscious and when you outsource that to the external sources outside of you—it’s not a good thing.
It derails you.
So sneakily, so subtly, that very often you have no idea what hit you in the first place. Because these powers lurk underneath the surface. The minute you take back conscious awareness of controlling your inputs and then setting your inputs, there is nothing you won’t be able to do. There’s nothing you won’t be naturally doing that you already want to be doing. Your “do-be-do-be-do” will flow like music as one note.

Did I mention that we’ll be breaking you?

That’s right. You are not broken, but you will be. You will be broken free from the control of the mind-prison that your headspace has taken over and dominated your life with. You will learn to connect to your heart and access that infinite Heartspace that you can go to at any moment instantaneously and access solutions, answers, that wouldn’t have occurred via any other way.
The Heartspace is the magic, it can jump you levels, jump you from states of consciousness like nothing can.

This whole process in a nutshell is a taste of your own medicine.
You are going to be getting a taste of your own medicine.
You’ll meet yourself in ways you never knew, but maybe did and weren’t able to access.
Now you will. You will realize that you are your own source.
This is the gift of U-therapy.


Over the last 5 years, Dilan Prema has been developing a new model of therapy and transformation.
One that hits all areas of your life holistically and definitively to create permanent shifts.
U-therapy is based on the fundamental principle that you are your own source.
This allows you to include and transcend the experiences of your life as they’ve happened uniquely to you.
It considers your reality, your emotions, the challenges and triumphs you’ve been through, the fears and the highest desires of your soul.

There’s no other way a real shift is possible.

U-therapy will guide you through a 3-12 month intense practice. A big dose of You versus your Highest Self. Brutally honest, hard-hitting truth. Come strip away the inessential and get face to face with your Highest Self. We will eliminate and eliminate until all the noise around you is gone. Your Intuition will get the space it needs to be heard loud and clear, mapping the way to creating the possibility that you want.

Experience Real Life Results

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